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Renewable energy for home and business
Make a clean part of your life, let Rocket Group take it over.
Create your own energy
What we are doing
Why we are doing it
Our team consists of experts in the field of energy and construction, we use renewable energy sources and alternative technical solutions to make your life comfortable, electricity more affordable and the process easier.
Today electricity generated by fossil fuels accounts for 80% of carbon dioxide emissions. We offer a cleaner and safer alternative, moreover, by gaining independence from the grids, you get freedom of choice, your own energy.
Become independent
Reduce costs
Increase reliability
Save nature
Our products
Energy storage
Self-contained modular homes with zero energy consumption
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Self-contained modular homes with zero energy consumption
Non-volatile modern houses that do not require a network connection. The module is able to fully provide itself with heating and electricity due to the processing of solar energy and other technologies. Water supply and sewerage can also be autonomous, depending on the selected configuration.
Solar and wind power systems
Renewable energy sources are clean and reliable sources of electricity that will simplify your life, reduce your dependence on the grid and reduce energy costs.
Energy storage
A battery power plant stores and saves energy, making it available at any time. This reliable power source protects your home from blackouts or power outages and automatically leaves the lights on, the phone charged, and no puddles under the refrigerator.
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